In 2012 the City of Hinton decided  to move forward with their vision of a Regional Fire Training Centre, to be done in phases as budgets and partners became available. The result was a tremendous resource facility for the whole city and surrounding communities and businesses.

Hinton, AB

Phase 1 design set the base for the future Regional Training Centre.  It consisted of:
  • 1 - 40' and 1 - 20' container with a full burn room and a burn area on level 2.

  • Interior movable steel walls.

  • Exterior stairs and grating made to be movable, to be used in Phase 2 later.

  • 5 windows, 5 doors.

  • Interior stairs for below grade attack.  

Phase 1: Beginnings

Phase 2:
The new Regional Training Center

Phase 2 was added in the fall of 2014 to complete the planned Center.  It added:
  • 3 - 40' and 2 - 20' units

  • Added a 3rd level "motel room". 

  • a rappel hook and two anchor hooks over the windows.

  • 12' maze with movable walls.

  • RIT hatch, simulated manhole hatch, and hatch and ladder to top of level 4.

  • Apartment balcony.

  • A large 12' burn room with double doors.

  • Confined space tubes and hatches.



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