In 2016, Shell Oil (now Canadian Natural Resources) of Fort McMurray, AB, decided to move ahead with their fire training plan. It was a 2-part plan that included a comprehensive four-story training building and an airplane training prop.

Fort McMurray, AB

Phase 1:

four-story tower & training building

The building was completed on-site in the spring of 2017 and features:
  • 8 modular containers in 4 story configuration

  • 2 burn rooms (on level one and on level three) 

  • 4 story tower

  • Steel forcible entry door

  • search maze with split movable walls

  • BBQ patio deck

  • 5000lb rappel

  • standpipe and sprinklers

  • rit hatches. 

Case study: Airplane Prop

Shell Oil (Now Canadian Natural Resources) has a large airport north of Fort McMurray and it serves many of the businesses and camps nearby. Assistant Fire Chief Brad Collins was concerned with the costs and the loss of man hours needed to send firefighters long distances for training. We supplied concept drawings in 2016 and the prop was installed by Spring 2017.

Phase 2: Airplane Prop

The airplane prop is configured as follows:
  • 1 forty foot container with an added 'cockpit'

  • The entire unit is built with serrated grating flooring

  • Steel pilot and co-pilot chairs

  • passenger chairs in midsection

  • 2 doors, front and rear

  • LP/Propane

  • Props: cockpit, engine, and overhead passenger compartments. 


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